Data Choices

We care about your privacy — after all, we use the internet, so it's our privacy too. This page explains what information we collect and what you can do to opt-out.

Summary of What We Collect

Drawbridge collects and stores information about you when you interact with websites and applications we work with. We do not collect or store your name, email address, or phone number, nor do we collect or store your address book information.

The information we receive may include data such as, the page you have requested, the date and time you have visited the page, the device internet protocol (IP) address, device identifier, geo-location, browser type, carrier, referring/exit pages, device model, operating system, your gender, your age, clickstream data and cookie information. This data is collected through ad requests received from various advertising exchanges, platform and ad networks. We combine the information we collect about you with additional demographic and interest-based data from third-party providers to provide services to our clients and partners such as tools to see how their website or mobile applications are used, or tools to enable accurate advertising targeting. As part of our services, device identifiers, names of applications associated with a click/install and click/install times may be shared by Drawbridge with advertisers.

Please review our Privacy Policy at for more information.

How Do You Opt-Out?

The easiest way to opt-out is to disable cookies in your browser, though this may disable certain core functionality on websites you visit. You may also use services (many of which are free) to anonymize your website usage.

You can also opt-out of Drawbridge's services directly at: or by clicking the button below. Because we can't tell you're opted out on different devices (for example, your laptop and your mobile phone), you should complete the opt-out process for all devices and browsers you use. When you opt-out, we will no longer use information from you on that particular browser or device. Please keep in mind that, to the extent we have already disclosed information about you to third parties before you opt-out, we cannot order such third parties to delete that information. If you use a different Internet browser, a different mobile device or computer, or delete the opt-out cookie that we set, you will need to make your opt-out selection again. If you would like to disable the collection of your mobile device geolocation information, you can make this selection on your device.

Effective: January 29, 2014